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We are a group of men and women in Upstate NY dedicated to the enjoyment of woodworking. Membership includes lectures and workshops by renowned woodworking personalities and local professionals as well as free access to our extensive lending library of books and videos.

RWS welcomes everyone interested in the craft whether professional or hobbyist. Join the company of hundreds of enthusiasts - carvers, turners, furniture makers, boat builders, and other skilled craftspeople and take your woodworking skills to a new level.




Recent News

  • Mike Mascelli - National Lecture and Workshop: 7:45 PM, October 24, 2014, Rm. 135 Basil, St. John Fisher College

    RWS members and guests can look forward to an evening filled with useful woodworking information on finishing, restoration and conservation when Mike Mascelli presents his talk entitled " A Lively Look at "Brown & Shiny" in 2014". Mike will describe the techniques used by professional finishers and refinishers to enhance and protect the appearance of a surface with dyes, pigments and various finishes. He will explain the qualities of a professional finish with regard to grain enhancement, feature highlights, color, sheen and smoothness, and he will touch on standards that apply to the home craftsman. Mike will also present the results of new research on shellac and historic varnishes. Finally, he will walk through the Northeast Woodworkers "Showcase 2014" looking at award winning pieces through the eyes of a wood finisher.

    Mike Mascelli is making an encore presentation to the RWS community. Members who attended his presentation in 2009 will be able to catch up on the latest developments in furniture finishing and restoration, while old and new members alike will take home information and ideas to apply to their next project.

    Mike's Saturday workshop on finishing and restoration techniques will be held at CP Rochester. Space is limited, so register early.

  • National Speakers for 2014-15

    Click on a link for the speaker's web site, if available.

    Hilary Russell, Canoe/Kayak Builder; September 26, 2014

    Mike Mascelli, Furniture Restorer/Refinisher; October 24, 2014

    Nick Cook, Woodturner; November 14, 2014

    George Perzel, Laser Engraving/Art; January 16, 2015

    Bob Yorburg, Carver; February 20, 2015

    Glen Huey, Furniture Maker; March 27, 2015

    Garrett Hack, Furniture Maker; April 24, 2015



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Upcoming Workshops

Hand Planes 201 - Sharpening

Instructor - Alan VanDeMoere : 11/08/14

Date & Times:

.....AM Session:  This session is fully subscribed and closed to further registration.

PM Session:  Saturday November 8, 2014, 1:00PM to 4:00PM
Location: Alan's Shop
Class size:  4 - 6 people
Cost:  $20

.....PM Session:  Saturday November 8, 2014, 1:00PM to 4:00PM

Location: Alan's workshop,  52 Wilelen Rd., Rochester, NY

Cost: $20 for members, $55 for non-members (cost includes membership in RWS)

Class size: 4 - 6 people


Goals: To understand plane blade sharpening and to leave with a completely sharpened blade that is so sharp you can shave with it. This blade will also work for its intended purpose, planing wood.  Reference material includes: Leonard Lee "Sharpening".

Overview: This workshop will focus on sharpening (forming, sharpening, & honing) and adjusting hand planes. This sharpening process is applicable to all wood cutting tools.


· Plane bed angles

· Cutting iron bevels

· Mouth opening and chip formation

· Overview of sharpening materials: ceramic, water stones, diamond plate, oil stones

· Detailed process of Veritas MarkII sharpening jig with water stones and micro bevels

· Cambered cutting edges and when to apply them


Workshop Registration


Nick Cook: National Lecture and Workshop

Nick Cook owns and operates the only full service woodturning studio in the metropolitan Atlanta area. He turns a variety of work including one-of-a-kind bowls and vessels along with his unique gift items-wine stoppers, baby rattles, rolling pins, spinning tops, honey dippers, and the like. His work can be found in gift shops and galleries from coast to coast. He also provides turned parts for local furniture makers and millwork shops. He will be sharing his experiences with us the weekend of November 14 - 16. On Saturday, November 15, Nick will do a demonstration workshop where he will make a variety of spindle turned items. On Sunday, November 16, he will run a hand-on workshop where you will be able to make some of these same items demonstrated in the Saturday workshop.


Nick Cook Lecture: 8:00 p.m., St. John Fisher College :  11/14/14

In his slide show presentation on Friday, November 14, 2014 at 8:00pm, Nick will show examples of his work and talk about his unique perspective on the subject of turning.

Nick Cook Workshops: Saturday-Sunday, November 15-16, 2014 :  11/15/14

Saturday Workshop:

At Saturday's workshop, Nick Cook will demonstrate how to make a wide variety of turned items. Most of the items will be spindle turned. At one of his recent workshops Nick demonstrated how to make 22 different items ranging from simple to complex. Here are some examples of the items you will learn to turn: spurtles, spinning tops, wine stoppers, baby rattles, rolling pins, honey dippers, rolling pins, coffee scoops, salt urns, pepper mills, plates, bowls and more.

Date & Time: Saturday November 15, 2014, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Lunch will be provided.

Location: CP Rochester, 3399 South Winton Road, Rochester, NY

Fee: $60 for RWS members, $95 for non-members (fee includes membership in RWS)


Sunday Workshop:

Sunday's workshop will be a hand-on event where the students will be able to produce some of the items demonstrated at the Saturday workshop. Each student will be able to choose the objects he/she wants to make. RWS has eight lathes and sets of tools so we are limiting the attendance to that number. There will be a modest materials fee for the hands-on workshop.

Date & Time: Sunday November 16, 2014, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Lunch will be provided.

Location: CP Rochester, 3399 South Winton Road, Rochester, NY

Fee: $90 for RWS members, $125 for non-members (fee includes membership in RWS)

Workshop Registration


Spindle Turning - Tools and Techniques

Instructors - Mike Brawley & David Gilbert : 12/06/14

Date & Time: Saturday, December 6, 2014, 9:00AM to 4:00PM

Location: CP Rochester

Cost: $30 for members, $65 for non-members (cost includes membership in RWS)

Material: $10

Class size: 6 - 8 people

Turning spindles (objects with their axis running roughly parallel to the grain of the wood) is fundamental to most of the turning used in furniture making. It's also the basis for turning pens, candlesticks and other useful projects. The tools and techniques differ from those used in bowl turning.  This hands-on class will allow participants to turn beads, coves and grooves in blanks provided for the class. These spindle-turning skills will be useful to furniture builders. It will also be useful for beginning through intermediate turners who would like to brush up on their tool control. RWS's lathes and turning tools will be available for your use. A small material fee will be charged.

Workshop Registration