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HomeHow To Post A Classified Ad

To post a Classified ad follow the steps below.

  1. Login and click on SIGs/Forums under the SIGS menu item
  2. Click on “Classifieds”
  3. At the upper left click on the button that says “Start New Thread”
  4. That will give you a form to complete. In the form you can complete the following:
    1. Subject (e.g. “Tools for Sale”)
    2. Select a Message icon (optional). For an item you are selling, select “Info”
    3. Type in your email (it should already be filled in with your name at the end).  In the email you can click on the image icon on the top row of the form to insert one or more pictures of the item you have for sale in the email.  The icon is to the left of the camera icon selecting it will let you upload jpg files from your computer.  If you have trouble with this, just attach an image as shown in step 4 below:image iconNOTE: There are lots of other formatting options which you can use or ignore.
    4. You can also click on the paper clip at the bottom left if you want to attach a document or have the photos attached instead of in the post.  This is often easier to do than inserting an image. 
    5. Finally, click on the “Post Message” button and it will email to all active members.  Please avoid re-posting instead of editing so that members don't get excessive emails.